Welcome to A Keiki’s Dream

Every child is special. Every child deserves to dream.

If you saw a little girl on the street, crying and in pain…would you stop to help her?

If you noticed a little boy with bruises on his body…what would you do to intervene?

If doctors diagnosed your neighbor’s 3-year old with a life-threatening brain disease…how might you offer your support?

Maybe you don’t see them everyday, but in Maui County hundreds of children and their families are in crisis. Some are struggling with major medical problems or psychological issues. Others are dealing with poverty or homelessness, abuse or neglect. Many have experienced a personal loss, or face an uncertain future.

These children are our children. They need our support.

The Fun Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization. With a help from our friends like, we serves Maui County’s children in crisis through our two core programs — A Keiki’s Dream (AKD) and Sammy’s Keiki Aloha Fund (SKAF) — we empower children in crisis to dare to dream, and remind everyone that each child is someone special.

If you knew a child was hurting in any way…would you stop and find out how you could help? Or would you keep walking?

We need your support. Please join us in our mission to change lives for children.

We are the most unique “wish fulfilling” program in the USA. All other such programs work exclusively with children with major medical issues. While we do too, A Keiki’s Dream expands this concept to grant a “dream come true” for the neediest children in our community who face any kind of severe crisis. We have provided over 1,400 in the past 20 years and enjoy widespread community support. At the same time, we provide financial assistance to the families of children with major medical conditions when the child is treated off island. Living in an island community, this means at this important time that the child and parent must fly off island, often to Honolulu and sometimes to the mainland. Sammy’s Keiki’s Aloha Fund offers direct financial support at that critical time and we directly support an average of 40 – 50 Maui County families per year. Because of our minimum staff configuration (one full time and one part time staff), your donation largely goes directly to the children and families that we are honored to serve at this critical time in their lives.

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